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The climate in our primary shooting areas is moderate with no particular rainy season. The seasons in the Southern hemisphere are of course the reverse of the seasons in the northern hemisphere.

Dove shooting & pigeon shooting is possible all year round in Cordoba, so clothing can vary from light short-sleeved shirts to light fleece jackets in the winter season.

Duck hunting is available in the Province of Buenos Aires during fall and winter. We can have cool mornings and evenings. There is also a chance of showers. Skim ice is possible on very cold mornings. The duck hunting season runs from April 20th to August 15th0.

The climate in our primary shooting area is moderate, see chart bellow:

Average Temperatures in Argentina

Jan 95°-60°F / 35-17C
Feb 92°-57°F / 33-14C
Mar 82°-55°F / 27-10C
Apr 75°-48°F / 24- 9C
May 65°-40°F / 20- 5C
June 60°-33°F / 16- 0C
July 58°-36°F / 14- 2C
Aug 67°-34°F / 20- 1C
Sept 69°-40°F / 21- 5C
Oct 76°-46°F / 24- 9C
Nov 85°-51°F / 29-11C
Dec 90°-60°F / 32-15C
For current weather conditions in Cordoba- Argentina, please check this website AccuWeather.

Flight Times

Estimated Seasonal Dove & Pigeon Flight Times in Cordoba

Time of the year
Jun - July
August to October
November to March
Morning flight
8 am – noon
7:30 am – 12:30pm
7 am – noon
Afternoon flight
2pm – 5:30pm
2:30pm – 7pm
3:30pm – 8:30pm

Estimated Seasonal Duck & Partridge Flight Times in Buenos Aires

Time of the year
April - May
June – August
Morning flight
7 am – 10 am
7:30 am – 10:30 pm
Afternoon flight
3 pm – 6 pm
2:30 pm – 5:30


There are no requirements as regards inoculations to enter Argentina, but if you would like to get some advice on traveller’s health, you can consult the CDC webpage www.cdc.gov

When planning a trip, it is always advisable to schedule a visit to your doctor and to carry with you the medication you normally use.


The currency in Argentina is the Argentine peso. Even though many places accept payment in dollars, it is always good to carry Argentine pesos at all times.

At the airport, departure taxes must be paid in cash (approx. USD 12 on the domestic airlines and USD 18 for international flights). At the lodges, you can pay in cash or with personal checks dollars.

Electric Current

The electric current in Argentina is 220 volts.

To use equipment designed for 110 volts, it is necessary to use a transformer.

Also, North American and European flat-pronged plugs need adapters for two-pronged plugs.

Customs Allowance

Visitors from other countries are allowed to enter two bottles of liquor and two cartons of cigarettes into Argentina.

However, we suggest that you purchase them before departure at the duty free.

Mobile Phone Signal

At Rio de Piedras Lodge and Aguada Lodge, GSM phones receive a signal, but this is not the case in all lodges.

Please contact us to ask about specific lodges.

Internet Access

Internet is available free of charge at most of the lodges we operate.

We will provide information regarding specific lodges.

Our Lodges

Rio de Piedras

Rio de Piedras

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Paloma Real

Pigeon shooting

The best pigeon shooting Cordoba has to offer. The ranch is located in central Argentina in the province of Cordoba …

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Duck Hunting

Duck shooting over decoys and behind a well-trained dog. The ranch is located near San Miguel del Monte, in the province…

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