Big Game

Red stag, Water Buffalo, Fallow Buck,
Black buck, Axis Deer, Wild Boar
San Luis province, Argentina


Red stag, Water Buffalo, Fallow Buck, Black buck, Axis Deer, Wild Boar
San Luis province, Argentina



The ranch is located in the province of San Luis, in central Argentina, 115 miles (190 kms) south of San Luis City airport.

San Luis Ranch is a 120.000 acres property and one of the biggest and oldest working ranches in this part of the country.

Big Game Hunting Season


To get to San Luis ranch there are several direct flights from Buenos Aires every week. Also at the ranch we have a private plane which makes charter flight available at the lodge.

San Luis city airport is serve with several weekly flights from Buenos Aires (1:35 min Flight).

Hunters will be picked up by the lodge staff at the airport and transferred to the lodge. The ride usually takes 1:45 hr.



The logde has a capacity for 8 people: 3 double en-suite bedrooms & 2 extra bedrooms that share their bathroom.

Laundry service available at the lodge.


Our kitchen use only fresh and regionally product some of them grown at the ranch. By combining these elements, we create a delicious local cuisine.

Days start with a hearty breakfast that includes a variety of homemade breads, jam, meadow honey, fresh fruit, natural yogurts, and cereals. We also offer eggs prepared in different ways.

We use only the highest quality local meats. Also game is prepared and presented during midday and night meals.

Our lunch and dinner menus are paired with some of Argentina’s best wines.


The Lodge carries a basic selection of alcoholic beverages. If there is any special brand or type of liquor that you like we recommend to bring it yourself.


Hunters depart the lodge with their guides well before dawn, to be positioned at glassing spots before day break. 4×4 trucks and horses are used to access hunting areas. The ranch has good roads so most of it is accessible by vehicle. To the most remote and steap areas we ususally access on horsesback.

All the hunting done in the ranch follows a strict management plan, only old mature Stags are harvested. Your guide will let you know which bull is shootable or not.

Drives vary depending on the selected hunting area, but range from 15 to 45 minutes. The guiding can be one-on-one or two-on-one depending on guest references.

In the evening we hunt till there is enough light to get out of the mountain safely.

On addition to the finest red stag hunting in South America, the ranch has a growing population of Water Buffalo and Fallow Deer every season some beautiful trophies are harvested. At the farm we also have Axis Deer, Blackbuck and pure wild European Boar available to hunt.

Dove hunt is available at the lodge as well.



Mornings start early, followed by a breakfast then a short ride will then put you in the designated hunting area before sunrise. You’ll hunt usually until mid morning, returning to the lodge or camp for lunch and perhaps a siesta.

The evening hunt continues until a little bit before dark. We always quit hunting with enough light to return safely to the truck or trailhead.

Big Game


San Luis, Argentina