Lodge: Rio de Piedras

Dove Shooting

Córdoba, Argentina.

The best dove shooting in the World. The ranch is located in central Argentina in the province of Cordoba, 50 miles (80 km) north of Cordoba City’s international airport. Driving time: 50 minutes.


  • Getting to Rio de Piedras lodge is easy. The ranch is located in central Argentina in the province of Cordoba, 50 miles (80 km) north of Cordoba City’s international airport. Driving time: 50 minutes.
  • The best way to reach Cordoba from the US is going through Santiago, Chile with connecting flights to Cordoba City. There are also flights through Lima, Peru.
  • Arriving at Cordoba’s International airport (either from the US or Europe) will allow you to be dove shooting that same day since the lodge is not far from the airport
  • Guests can also fly to Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, then transfer to the domestic airport and take the hour flight to Córdoba.

Shotting Day

  • Cordoba is considered the dove shooting capital of the world. Over 50 million doves annually inhabit the 60-mile radius (95 km) of the lodge. The lodge features 40 shooting fields, which are within a 30 or 40-minute drive through rolling hills.
  • Like doves worldwide, they offer fast and challenging shooting – the difference here is their monumental number. On a typical day, guns shoot from 1000 to 2500 cartridges, or even more.
  • We meet in the morning for a delicious breakfast at 7.30 am.
  • After a short drive of 30 or 40 minutes, you arrive in the shoot where you are assigned a bird-boy. He will assist you with shells and drinks and anything you may need and one of our professional guides will be around ready to help you too.
  • We take a break at midday to enjoy a wonderful lunch in the field: an incredible barbeque with the famous Argentine beef.
  • Afternoon shooting begins after a short rest and continues until almost dark. We are flexible according to guest’s preference.
  • When the shooting day is over, you continue with cocktails and an early dinner at the lodge.
  • The shooting fields are carefully rotated and rested to assure maximum bird number. This is part of our Game Management Program, which allows for a successful big-bag shooting season all year round.


  • Capacity: 16 shooters in 8 double en-suite bedrooms (small surcharge for single room).
  • All the amenities, including gun cleaning room and a comprehensive bar with the best Argentine wines.
  • International cuisine at the lodge and Argentine beef and traditional asados (BBQ) in the field.

    Hight Quality Services

    • Professional shooting guides
    • Bird-boys in the field and gun cleaning
    • Maid and laundry service
    • Masseuse
    • Shotguns available to rent (semiautomatic, 20 gauge Super 90 Benelli and over & under guns)
    • Comfortable 4WD tracks and modern vans
    • Customized tours for shopping or visiting local historical places

Species & Season


The Eared dove is a species endemic in most of South America, about the same size and coloration as the North American Morning Dove. Its distinctive feature, and what gives it its English name, is the dark feathers on the lower ear coverts. Like pigeons in general, its flight is fast, high and direct.

The fields in Cordoba area are the natural environment for a huge amount of Eared Doves. Eared Dove population, estimated in more than 50 millions, make Cordoba the wing shooter’s paradise for those looking for a hot barrel experience.


Dove shooting is available all year round in Cordoba.

Cordoba Finest Dove Shooting


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